Sitges Carnival Program 2013

Sitges Carnival Full Program 2013

With 50 coaches, 2.500 i persones 7 dies acts lúdics, Sitges waiting welcomed the visit 300.000 people. The Carnival 2013, to be held between the 7 and the 13 febrer, deploy a security device 1.100 effective.

Color, music, ball, Fun and weeks prior work, preparation of floats, cosir of the disfresses. The presentation of the Queen and the arrival of His Majesty Carnival will kick off the Carnival in Sitges 2013, the 7 febrer, Dijous Gras. From that time until the events will happen 13 febrer, When completed an intense week of events with the Burial of Little King - Single.

The Sitges Carnival involve more 2.500 distributed among people disguised 49 floats aixopluguen entities Recreational Society Retirement, Casino Prado Suburense, Grups dels Independents, Cases Noves, Poble Sec i Swimming Club.

The ruler of Tradicions i Festes, Magí Almirall, presented the program on Wednesday Carnival 2013. The councilman explained what are the main novelties of this 2013 and stressed "this year we all make a concerted effort and adjust a 25% over budget, so I want to thank the organizations that have been working to use additional ".

The municipal budget is € 89,000. For the seva banda, the Chairman of the Carnival, Issac Bielsa, explained more, they "recovered Cape Town as the completion point of the processions and to take greater control of time will establish the regulation of gangs in Cape Town in the 3 minutes ".

Carnival is the celebration that attracts a greater number of visitors. During the week of celebration, Expected to visit Sitges d'join 300.000 people. To ensure safety during these days, the City will implement a comprehensive security device consisting 1.100 efectius between Local Police, Mossos d'Esquadra, Bombers, Creu Roja, Emergency Medical Service (SEM) the Civil Protecció. Also there will be a Health Care Centre and the Club de Mar Medical Support Can Park Barrel, In addition to the units that will treat participants during the nights of Carnival parades.

Regarding mobility, Renfe i l'company managing the intercity bus service d', Special services will. Neighborhoods offer more 45.000 places addicionals, to the south of Rodalies R2 línia, és a dir, is posing in issue 35 Trens Més, the nits dissabte, diumenge i dimarts, those which recorded an increased demand for transport. In the case of Sunday and Tuesday, the service will be enhanced from Vilanova, with the departure of the first train 01.21 hours
Carnival in Sitges 2013 have a strong presence on this site, a / carnival , and can also be followed through social networks of the City. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare offer a thorough monitoring of all acts, images and services related party.

Her Majesty the Queen of Carnival and Carnival

The most important male character, His Majesty Carnestoltes, This comes in Sitges 2013 the MA of the colla Panxampla's. While it has a history of ten years, the group had not been excited ever organized a character. Assume this responsibility and this year will release explains that the street 74 who accompanied the King of silly.

The torque, Panxampla's the only one that has advanced is that "the mystery and humor will revive, of the darkness, one poble, ambientat in the far west ". The group wanted to "nobody miss a moment of this carnival get a time where there is pestanyejar, a predicot on anyone pugui badallar, some visits we Ningu bet riure, some streets are tothom vulgui Participar, i a burial on no rotten plorar ".

Marakis Carnival faces the dual challenge of organizing the figure of the Queen of Carnival, and the Queen's Children. Some members of the group already have extensive experience in reference to the organization's highest authority of the party with female gang as Fantastik or Carnival Show. The fet, one of the components was the Queen of Carnival, the 2006.

For a week, the two characters visit xatonadas, schools, institutions, facilities and organizations to declare the week of Carnival, where the highest authorities.