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That Sitgesguide

Sitges Restaurants is a new guide resturants and food establishment such as pubs bars , etc.. , we plan abarcra the garraf, soon be the cities of Sant Pere de Ribes , Garraf , Olivella, Vilanova i la Geltrú , this guide allows us to recommend the best places and events happening in cities and so communicate between the user community.

Hope you like and accept advice and recommendations


How I can add to favorites any site?

  • Record or log in
  • Go to the homepage of the site you want to add as favorite
  • Click the link "Add to Favorites" found on the right leg
  • To manage your list of favorite sites, please go to your account information where you will find a list of all your favorite sites

How I can leave a comment somewhere?

  • Record or log in
  • Go to the homepage of the site from which you wish to leave a comment
  • Fill in the form at the bottom of the page of the ad with the score and the information you are requested

I'm interested in booking a place. How I can contact them?

  • Go to the page you want to contact the site
  • Send a question or reserve on Form ( I have only recommended establishments) or contact the site directly through the phone numbers you find on the site page


How to add a listing?

Once we have the user and password, go into
Add place

L0 first asked him if

Registered User or New User

In the User will uusario registered and password

Steps to add a establecimeinto

Select the city
Select the category
If a restaurant – Reastaurantes of Sitges and then the subcategory eg: Mediterranean cuisine Sitges

Property name

Address: As indicated in the form esat
Pressing “Set address on map”
It situra icon in the right direction, of ways you can locate it manually trodas

Description ESTABLISHMENT – ad

Summary: Establecimeinto short description for the listing

Define how we want to see in google map
We recommend the default map

Special Offers
Detailing the special menu of the day or the signature dish


All these data are important not mandatory, only y el el mail phone

Tags – Keywords
Importente cueles words for me in google seek

We can write images to consider
Max: 2 maximo por mb
We recommend Stock 150-200 kb

Codigo de video
This code is obtained from as few youtube
Check if it is understood as create

Select the package ad

Launch Offer: 50 €
Featured on homepage: 15 €
Featured in category: 10 €

Pack 2 years old: 80 €
Featured on homepage: 30 €
Featured in category: 20 €

Pack “Forever” : 240 €
Featured on homepage: 45 €
Featured in category: 30 €

Discount Coupon Code
In principle this section is for partners Best Sitges

The cost to advertise on

Free, with these conditions


Free only allowed to incorporate : Name – Address-category and subcategory – Description ESTABLISHMENT – ad * – Summary *- email – Two photos. IMPORTANT: All the fields are filled in addition to the above will be removed. To show the other fields and incorporate a reservation form or highlight its establishment in the home or in the category, must be activated at least launch the offer.


Right now we have a launch offer, This offer is available for a limited time.

Along with the launch offer 10 first stores will have a banner on the home tab routed to your internal.
Price banner directed to your web side : 200 € year

Launch Offer: 50 €
Featured on homepage: 15 €
Featured in category: 10 €

Pack 2 years old: 80 €
Featured on homepage: 30 €
Featured in category: 20 €

Pack "Forever" : 240 €
Featured on homepage: 45 €
Featured in category: 30 €


Payments are made online through Internet by Paypal
You do not have paypal account and must be paid by credit card.
Prices include VAT.
If you want to invoice must solicirala and in the mail write the tax data for the preparation of the bill.

I can put my establishment if not in the list?

Of course, You can put your establishment if not only have to register and you will receive an email with your user and password, then enters Connect?.

It is only possible to launch the bid by paying establecimeitos.

You must go through the motions to complete the same, If you have any questions please contact us

I can agrear an event?

Of course any person or company can do.
Only must register with in Connect?

There are two types of events.
The gartuitos and payment.

If your entry is charged event can put ujn link from the event to enroll people.
In this case the event will have a minimal cost announced.

Event homepage:
Event category page:

We encourage you to contact us conn post an event

As I can register?

At the head find


Enter your email address – (It should be up and running) , ?I got a confirmation email

Enter a user name: ej: lanansa

By registering
Enter this section

Once inside can:
Update the password: go to profile Edira
Alli should put the new password twice, You can also put your data
Using you get in the mail, recommend a password with uppercase , lowercase letters and numbers

I got an email like this

Estimated (user),
You can access the following information:
User name : (name)
Password: 1h1qSQm ( is different for each user)
You can log-Click Login or URL is : = NA .

We hope you enjoyed, Thanks!
Sitges Restaurants

Once registered , we can add a listing : Add place
I asked if a registered user, I put my user and password.


How to cancel my annual payment in Pay Pal enabled ad

To cancel payment or annual subscription ( 5 years old) Pay Pal
Follow the following scheme, this can be done at any time.

Main Display and Pay Pal account, ent in details

We can see the payment made to Sitges PC andthe amount, then the link, My payments prior aprobacin

We show the payment made and the maturity, which in our case will be 5 years old , but as explained they may cancel any time.


Payment by pay pal

The payment is due on a Pay Pal travez


Description: The settlement that pays

Terms: The euro importte
IMPORTANT: Where does each year during 5 deadlines
It means that the amount is automatically renewed , If you do not turn it off in your Pay Pal panel during 5 years old.

This means that if you pay 50 € for the year 2012 day 1 July , Next year 1 July 2013 caragara you the same amount of 50 € and so during 5 years old.
It iportante know that you can disable the automatic charge when you want in your Pay Pal account.


If you have an account with Pay Pal select “Now I have much with Pay Pal”
That way the payment will be faster and direct

If you do not have an account with Pay Pal
You must fill in the following fields

Once the formuario you will get a screen like this, the 5 time is the period of years that will be charged to your account, provided that you do not cancel.

Normally you should receive an email from Pay Pal and activate your account.

As active booking form on my tab?

Once purchased the pack. Email to solicitelo
We settle in their file a form like this where the client can send their mail directly to a request resrerva


Once paid by Pay Pal

Once you have paid on Pay Pal will receive two emails like these

It has paid, From this moment and your advertising will be on-line

It confirms the annual automatic payment profile, the contracted amount.
You can change these settings from your Pay Pal account.

Who can benefit from the recommended side banner?

If Pc is one of the first 10 establishments in register and hire one of the packages offered by activating , ad ad on home page and category page , will give you a free side banner worth 200 € / year.
If you do not want to hire full-featured service or unwilling to complete your establecimeinto request a banner Related Web Sites in the side from the mail

Precio the lateral banner with links to web: 200 € / year

How I can complete my ESTABLISHMENT?

Check that you are the owner
Between the user and we will send paswword mail – Where in the Log header
By accessing see a tab that says My places, must go below renew, then it is very easy
Upon entering all data vera renew your establecimeinto.
That's where you must complete or modify data. You can
Incorporate Offers – Menu or Promotions , where it says special
Poner link a su web y as u email – Then create Change to us for the correct units.
Su url the twitter
Su url of Facebook
Upload more images
Put a code of this video on YouTube
Request the addition of a contact form

At the end of the package must clever computer that interests, we recommend the "forever" but in these times of crisis can choose to release the package 50 € and if you are interested in placing your establecimeinto prominent in the home and in the category will have a plus.

If you are part of the Best Sitges will have a 10% discount on package selccione.
Request your discount coupon

As announced in my establishment Sitgesguide

To advertise your property , you just have to register and follow the steps