The Festival fantasy film dedicated to this subject the poster of the 45th edition

Initially, the end of the world is not something to give. But if it is a fantasy film festival, can be a matter of celebration. That's what they thought about the International Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges to illustrate this year.

“An iconic concept in the genre of science fiction”, say in a statement the organizers. “The end of the world as we know it has been present in the literature, the comic and film for all ages and from different approaches”, explain. That's the reason I wanted to convert “this idea as film” within the framework of the 45th edition of the Festival.

New technologies, linked to the classical problems (wars, crisis, etc.), are present in the idea of ​​the end of the world. “The sign of the times leads to an apocalypse transmitted live through countless witnesses and interconnected, Armed with cameras on their mobile devices, increasingly linking gender clear relationship with the immediate”.

The rescue Festival “some apocalyptic movie hidden gem” and recent proposals of this subgenre within ten days of the event, of 4 to the 14 October.

The poster of this issue has been made by China, advertising agency's own festival in collaboration with Design Harmless. It will be on display at the Barcelona International Comic between 3 and 6 May.

SOURCE: public