Sitges has always been a place that has enthralled artists, tourists and, generally, Visitors from all over. For many, the secret is its light, as noted painters, sculptors and writers, late nineteenth century, settled in the village.

And is that nature has been generous to Sitges and which also has the privilege of being situated on the Mediterranean coast at the foot of the Garraf. A culturally, legacy is extraordinary, art is alive and traditions are maintained with modernity. Sitges has preserved important medieval references and old farmers and fishermen, and offers visitors an important architectural heritage. Also, the villa enjoys a cosmopolitan character due to the heterogeneity of the population, where more than 70 different nationalities.

Now, the XXI century Sitges is based on creativity, talent and innovation, but never losing the roots. Sitges wants is still a city that attracts and seduces.


“Sitges is a small town and clear.

But borders with the viceroys of India,

west to the coast and islands romanes

Greek, south to Andalusia and Morocco,

al Norte con la Mairie de Montmartre. “

Sea Guest Book. 1945

Cesar Gonzalez – Roan


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Sitges is:

35 minutes from Barcelona

25 minutes from Barcelona International Airport

35 minutes from the AVE station in Barcelona

45 minutes from Reus airport

45 minutes from the AVE station in Tarragona

1 hours from Girona airport


Sitges has 17 Walking the coastal beaches of Sitges and each has its personality and services necessary to provide all the comforts. There are small and quiet coves, wide beaches of fine sand very familiar, or urban beaches overlooking the historical center and situated on the seafront at which you can access on foot.

Sitges also has three Marinas: Aiguadolç, Garraf and Port Ginesta.

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Sitges enjoys a microclimate, summers and mild winters, temperatura una de media 18,7 ° C and more 300 sunny days a year.



Sitges is the ideal setting for active tourism, as the sea and the mountains are the best environment in which to conduct water sports, Adventure, discovery of nature and to practice all kinds of sports. Garraf Natural Park offers the opportunity to enjoy organized activities such as guided tours, workshops, observatories and fieldwork. It is also an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking or horseback.


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In Garraf Natural Park is the Palace Plana Novella, hosting the Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Monastery, where meditation workshops are held, relaxation, tai-chi, yoga … Plana Novella In the museum you can visit the estate of a family of Indians and an exhibition of Tibetan culture.



Sitges has a long cultural tradition dating back to the modernist era. It is a cosmopolitan city that attracts people's art and culture from around the world. Sitges offers Rusiñol legacy in Cau Ferrat Museum, has Maricel Museum and Romance, Maricel Palace, Bacardi and the House Foundation Peter Stämpli contemporary art.


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Sitges has based its strategic plan for the future in the creative economy, innovation and culture under the name Qualia Sitges. Mediterranean Creative Space.

Sitges cultural offer does not end with spaces to visit, does offer intense cultural activity throughout the year with exhibitions, activities, events and festivals, many grouped under the brand Sitges, Vila de festivales. Stresses the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia.

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Sitges offers over 40 proposals a year, almost one for every weekend.



Walking through the streets of Sitges is discovering an interesting set of architectural gems and unique buildings. Era houses found Americans, Sitges citizens between the eighteenth century and the first third of the twentieth century emigrated to Cuba and Puerto Rico and imposing mansions built back.

New trends are also icons featured in Sitges.


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Maricel Palace was built by the American millionaire Charles Deering in American 1910 on a set of fishermen's houses.



Sitges live traditional festivals with great intensity and great popular participation.

Some of the most important celebrations is the annual festival in August, Santa Tecla and Harvest in September, Carnival in February, the Vintage Car Rally Barcelona – Sitges in March, Corpus in June.

Another tradition is the castellera recovered, with performances from April to October.


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The Festival of Sitges, which takes place between 21 and 17 August in honor of St. Bartholomew, is declared of national interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia?



The accommodation in Sitges is created to suit every taste and every need: from large international hotel chains integrated, to small family-run establishments. Sitges has 10 hotels 5 and 4 stars with a beachfront location or very close to the beach. These establishments enjoy complete facilities for both leisure and business.


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Sitges has 4.953 hotel rooms spread over 47 establishments, 1.915 beds in 2 campsites and 7.482 places in holiday.

Meetings and incentives


In a unique environment that combines urban facilities better suited to the advantages of the Mediterranean coast, Sitges is the perfect place to hold conferences, conventions and incentive trips. The Sitges Convention Bureau offers advice to organizers, Inspection views organizes, assists in the nomination and offers promotional tourism material for delegates.


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Sitges is an auditorium for 1.400 people and 1 convention center for 500 Delegates.

Best Sitges: Commerce and gastronomy


Best Sitges is a quality mark that recognizes the member establishments Trade Club Tourism and Gastronomy in Sitges. Each of the partners has a “Best Sitges” in your window or window to be easily identifiable.



Trade is a key element in tourism in Sitges, because it has a wide variety and high quality. Most are small shops, with a friendly and unique products, fleeing the standard offer. Establishments are looking for originality and modernity. The main shopping area, especially dedicated to fashion and accessories, is located in the downtown streets.

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Both the Tourist Information Office and other establishments sell original products Sitges. From jewelry, up beach material, through books and T-shirts with their own designs.


Sitges offers outstanding cuisine that puts the world renowned Mediterranean cuisine at one of its highest levels. Try the cuisine specialties Sitges, in the sea, based on fish and rice, and the famous xató, not forgetting the cutting edge of contemporary dishes proposals, are authentic experiences unique to the palate.


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The sweet Malvasia wine is typical of Sitges, made from the grape variety of the same name and listed as a bulwark of Slowfood. Its production is done in the Hospital of San Juan Bautista.



To take a break, to see and be seen or, simply, to hang out, Sitges has a variety of cafes, bars and ice cream parlors of all styles and diverse environments that are spread over different streets and squares. Located by the sea or in the very center of the town, the terraces are always attractive meeting places where capture everything that happens on the street and where to approach the life of the inhabitants of the municipality.


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Sitges is the Paseo de la Ribera, “Chiringuito”, the establishment which gave name to all chiringuito beach bars?



Sitges is considered one of the leading locations for the nightlife and local variety of supply. Also, recently, Sitges is undergoing a change by increasing their offer, modernizing it and giving it higher quality. Locals different focus areas including Old, Street 1 of May, the waterfront and the Port of Aiguadolç.


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The world's first born Pacha Sitges 1967 Ricard's hand Urgell. Today, the club still exists.


Sitges is the ideal setting for active tourism. The activities related to the sea and sailing can be developed thanks to 17 beaches and 3 its coast marinas, those related to the mountain in the Natural Park of Garraf, and other disciplines related to sports facilities such as pools, football and rugby and sports. Sitges also has a golf course.


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Garraf Natural Park has an interpretation center where activities to learn about the environment, including proposals for people with disabilities.

Tourism Promotion Agency of Sitges


The Tourism Promotion Agency of Sitges offers also direct attention to visitors in the tourist information office of the station square, which not only provides information of Sitges, but there is a shop with tourist services and products .


Useful Addresses and Telephone

Tourist Information and Booking Centre

(+34) 938 944 251/902 103 428

Sitges Convention Bureau

(+34) 938 109 311

Product Club Best Sitges trade and gastronomy

(+34) 938 109 304